Beisner Elektrotechnik GmbH Wunstorf


Water technology

We develop solutions for water treatment/conditioning and wastewater technology for different industries including process water treatment for industrial facilities and drinking water purification before bottling.

Application examples
  • drinking water
  • process water
  • purification
  • decarbonization
  • reverse osmosis
  • neutralization
  • waste water treatment

Industrial combustion technologies

The industrial combustion technology and its high safety standards challenge every automation solution. Our expertise to develop cost-efficient solutions while simultaneously taking those standards into account lets us stand out.

Application examples
  • hot water boilers
  • steam boilers
  • waste heat boiler
  • dust combustion plants
  • GTA auxiliary/supplementary firing

Thermal processing technology

The areas of application of thermal processing are as multi-faceted as the materials employed. Our many years of experience are your advantage.

Application examples
  • thermal oil boilers
  • tunnel furnaces
  • autoclaves
  • harding chambers
  • thermal post combustion