Together with you we develop individual solutions based on your needs. We support you with our advice regarding technical related questions and requirements and coordinate concepts with you. We are happy to help you with the successful realization of your ideal system.


Planning the workflow according to your requirements is important to us, from simple relay controls to sophisticated controls via industrial PCs. This can include the detailed design of the CAD circuit schematics, control diagrams, and hardware layouts.


We manufacture high-end low-voltage systems according to national and international as well as in-house standards. To ensure high quality we apply CNC processing of our materials. After wiring of the switchgear by our trained specialists we perform in-depth tests to confirm functionality. Our devices will be released for delivery only after passing our quality standards.


We develop programs for machines and systems as well as visualizations using established and compatible systems. Simulations and functional tests with every program before delivery to our customers confirm the desired capabilities. We rely on standardized functional units and interfaces for all tests to be able to ensure the highest possible level of reusability and expandability of the programs.


We put your system into operation, set regulations, optimize regulation parameters and brief you in using your new system. Furthermore, we offer startup support, maintenance and service of control systems - on site or via remote diagnostics.


We offer profound services to upgrade your existing systems. Following thorough evaluation we develop and coordinate concepts for migration and modernization of these systems with our customers. We rebuild the machines electrically, migrate the programs, and then subsequently bring the system back into operation.